Working as a storyboard artist: Sav's story

Meet Sav and find out about his career as an illustrator and storyboard artist.

What is your job?

I am a storyboard artist for advertising companies. I help them plan out their television adverts before they film them. I also illustrate children's books.

These days I work digitally so I don't often use a paintbrush.

What's it like to be an artist?

I have so much fun every day creating and drawing new characters for books and just drawing pictures of people and cars and food and sports and holidays and all sorts of different things.

I don't think I'll ever get bored of doing art because every single time you put a pencil or a pen or a paintbrush on a piece of paper you always create something new and that's always interesting.

I find art very addicting, very calming and it takes you to a different world every time you put your pencil on the paper or your pen on the tablet.

Is your job stressful?

Sometimes I get really funny instructions from people to change things that seem a bit unnecessary or small details that don't really make a huge difference to the drawing. I suppose they make a difference to the person asking for them.