A bargain for Gran

A hunt for the perfect birthday gift turns into a percentages challenge

Approximate measurements

Maths Crimes detective, Al Gebra, explains upper and lower bounds after a carpet blunder.

Business finance

Dewi turns to Dodgy Doug for a loan but has he considered how much the interest will be?

Buying ingredients for sausages

The Apprentice contestants go to Smithfield market to haggle on price for ingredients.

Personal finance

Can Maths Crimes detective Al Gebra help Rosie figure out her money saving mystery?

Pitching in the Dragons' Den

An entrepreneur pitches to the Dragons and key financial data is discussed.


How can Maths Crimes detective Al Gebra use ratio to divide prize money fairly?

The approximate history of fractions

A humorous animation looking at the development of fractions and how they are used.

The great pizza party

A teenager's attempt to share pizza and bills equally by using fractions and percentages.

Timetables and schedules

Miriam and Samad struggle to work out the bus timetable so detective Al Gebra steps in.

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