'Grasshopper Hop' song with animation

An animation accompanies the 'Grasshopper Hop' song.

'Snow Wolf' song with animation

An animation accompanies the 'Snow Wolf' song.

Dance party in the 1900s

A visit to an English ballroom dance in the 1900s to show a quadrille and a waltz.

Dance party in the 1920s

A visit to a 1920s dance party to explore the Charleston dance craze.

Dance party in the 1940s

We attend a dance in a church hall in the 1940s to see how the Lindy Hop evolved.

Dance party in the 1960s

The heady years of the 1960s are shown through The Twist and other dances.

Dance party in the 1980s

Break-dancing evolved in America in the 1970s and became a worldwide craze.

How is Shakespeare’s verse similar to modern hip hop rhythms?

Lorianne Tika-Lemba of 'Hip Hop Shakespeare' demonstrates how to rap Shakespearean verse.

How to identify birds from their songs

Bill Oddie explains how to recognise different bird calls and songs.

Jazz - pulse and rhythm

An introduction to jazz rhythm and pulse, including a jazz song to learn.

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