What is a musical performance?

Performance is the key to music

It doesn't matter if you play to one person or ten thousand people or if you perform in a playground or a stadium. The experience of performing music to an audience is what makes music so much fun!

Performance is when all the elements of music come together. It's not just about playing well, it's about playing with passion and emotion. This is what creates a connection between the audience and the performers.

Don't be afraid of mistakes. Making mistakes and practising lots will make your next performance even better. Remember an audience isn't there to listen to technique, they are there to experience the performance and be moved out of their seats. Give it everything you've got!

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Sing along with Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom!

Have a go at performing with Lightning Jelly in this sing along video. Sing the lyrics as they light up and don't forget to give it some welly!

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