What is composition?

Making up your own music is called composition. People who write music are called composers.

When it comes to composing music there are no set rules.

You can write a song any way you want to. The important thing is that you enjoy creating it. Grab an instrument, warm up your vocal chords and let's get to it!

Let's get started

Composing is all about experimenting and finding out what works and what doesn't. Give yourself time to play and try out lots of different ideas.

Begin with an idea

Starting points for songs can be very different. It could be a sequence of chords, a few lyrics, a guitar riff, a drum beat or even just a feeling!

Develop your idea

When you're hit with a spark of inspiration or an idea you like, start to play about with that idea and see where it takes you. One idea can quickly lead to another and another and... you get the point!

Some ideas are finished the moment you come up with them and some aren’t.

Adding a melody on top of a chord progression can turn something a little boring into something great. Try playing your idea in different rhythms. Play it faster or slower depending on how you want the song to feel.

Think about structure

You may have developed lots of ideas now, but don’t feel you have to use them all.

Think about how you want to structure your song, which ideas to use where. This may mean repeating some ideas and leaving some ideas for another song.

Most modern pop songs, including Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom, follow the verse - chorus - verse structure.

Listen to Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom

What instruments should you use?

Think about what instruments you want to use in your song. Just because you are writing it on a piano or guitar doesn't mean the final version has to feature that instrument.

Thinking about instrumentation also means deciding what instruments will be playing at different points in the song and what notes they’ll be playing.

Think about the role of each instrument – what are they adding to the piece. Remember you don’t need every instrument to play all the time.


You might have your whole song before you think about lyrics. Or perhaps the lyrics were the first idea that popped into your head. Lyrics can really make a song memorable and stand out.

Lightning Jelly knew they were on to a winner when they thought up the repeating chorus for Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom. Don't be afraid to repeat words, lines and sounds to get the feeling you want!

Let your friends hear it

Play your song to a friend or family member. Ask them to tell you what they think about it and ask them to be honest.

Listen carefully to things they say about the track, even if you disagree. Sometimes just watching their facial expressions whilst they listen is a good way to understand if certain parts are good or bad.

For example, you might think a three minute guitar solo in the middle of your track is a great idea - however, other people, who don’t like guitar solos as much as you do, might get a little bit bored!

If you come to the conclusion that something’s wrong with the song, that’s not a problem. It’s a good thing. Now you can take the time to fix it.

Play it with your band or record it

An extremely fun part of composing a song is when you can play it over and over with your band mates or record it so you can listen back to it forever!

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