What are pulse and rhythm?

The band start their journey to composing their own song with some help from Anna Meredith.

What are duration and tempo?

Beethoven helps the band learn how to use duration and tempo to add variety to their song.

What are melody and pitch?

The band's song is missing a tune, luckily Bob Marley is here to help out.

What is harmony?

Kerry Andrew shows the band how using harmonies can make their song more interesting.

What is texture?

Nitin Sawhney takes the band on an adventure around the world to layer new sounds in their music.

Bitesize Music quiz

Find out if you're a musical maestro or a rhythm rookie in this music quiz covering the first five topics of the series.

What are dynamics?

The band's song is starting to sound boring until Tchaikovsky comes along with the canons

What is structure?

Elvis Presley teaches the band how to structure a pop song that people can't forget

What is notation?

The band keep forgetting their song but Bach is here with some top tips for writing music down

How does music make you feel?

Nina Simone shows the band how to add emotion into their song

What is musical performance?

Find out about musical performance.

What is composition?

Find out how to make up your own music.

Bitesize music quiz: round two

Are you a crescendo champion or a notation novice? Find out in the second part of the Bitesize Primary Music quiz!

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