'Anansi and Turtle' in German

The smell of food leads Turtle to Anansi the spider, who tricks him, so he plots revenge.

'Frau Holle' in German

Clara meets Frau Holle who gives her a fabulous golden dress.

'Jason and Medea' in German

Jason and Medea's carelessness causes dangers to the Planet.

'Midas' in German

Midas and Pactolo are rival rappers and only one of them can be famous.

'Narcissus' in German

Narcissus is the most beautiful man ever but will lose it all if he sees his reflection.

'The Boy and the Drum' in German

An old man is trying to get to sleep but the boy next door won't stop playing his drum.

'The Butterfly Lovers' in German

Yu Jun wants to study but she's a girl, so she dresses as a boy and goes to school.

'The Hare and the Tortoise' in German

The tortoise and the hare have a race - but who will win?

'The Sun and the Wind' in German

The sun and the wind battle it out to see who is more powerful.

'The Town Rat and the Country Rat' in German

Jacques visits his love, Lucille, in the countryside - but it isn't what he expected.