Bilingual road signs

The Welsh Language Society's campaign for bilingual road signs.

Bocs sebon Carys - Ffasiwn a siopa

Carys tells us why she hates fashion and shopping. Do you agree or disagree with her?

Devolution referendum

The result of the 1997 Welsh devolution referendum.


A report on plans to build a wind farm in the Elenydd area of mid Wales.

Fôn Ffôn a Ned y neidr

Fôn lives his life on social media so watch the uproar at his home when a family pet dies.

Gwers yrru Amy

Watch Amy having a driving lesson. Can she complete all the manoeuvres successfully?

Gwers yrru Nia

Watch Nia having a driving lesson. Does she know the rules of the road?

Gwers yrru Rhodri

Watch Rhodri having a driving lesson. Can he follow instructions?

Hafod Eryri

The official opening of the new centre on the summit of Snowdon.

Incomers to rural Wales

The effects of non-Welsh-speaking incomers on a village in rural Wales.

5 learner guides

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