Coping with feeling angry

A group of children produce paintings to illustrate anger and their feelings.

Family conflict

Jenny feels there is always conflict between herself and her mum and brother.

How can you cope with feeling angry?

Children describe what they do when they feel angry to help them calm down.

How do you feel after being angry?

A child explains how he feels after he has been angry.

Playground buddies, massages and mediators

An introduction to bullying prevention strategies.

Seeing both sides of a story

Children learn how to support their peers through mediation when conflict arises.

Tackling racism (pt 1/2)

An Asian boy shares his video report about his experiences of racism.

Tackling racism (pt 2/2)

An Asian boy shares his video report about racism and the law.

The different levels of anger

A group of children recognise that they have different levels of anger.

What is a peer mediator?

A group of children explore conflict and how best to deal with it.