Warming up to sing

Warming Up Your Voice

Before you start signing, it’s important to warm up your voice. If you were running a race, you would stretch your muscles in preparation - singing is the same.

Warming up your voice stretches your vocal chords and helps clear your throat. It helps with breathing too.

Stretching out your body is important as it helps relax your muscles before singing.

Have a look at our choir as they prepare to sing:

Warming up your voice can also help your tuning. Have a go at the exercises below before you start to sing:

Singing Scales

Singing upward and downward scales help expand your vocal chords and improve your tuning.

Hums and Trills

Breathe deeply from your tummy and gently hum. Keep your lips slightly apart and relax your cheeks, try to keep a steady flow of air and hum.

To trill, again breathe deeply, push the air through your lips and make a sound like a horse!


Roll your shoulders forwards and then backwards. Gently roll your head around your neck so that you can see the floor. Repeat it but roll your neck very gently backwards so you can see the ceiling.

Stand on your tippy toes and stretch up to the stars. Lastly, shake your hands out and you’re ready to sing.

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Warming up to sing