Communication and expression

Communication and expression is how you and your conductor help the audience understand the feeling of the music and bring the song to life.

Some people think that conductors just wave their hands around but every little gesture has a meaning. This is how they set the mood and flow of the piece.

During rehearsals, you learn to respond to these gestures and understand what your conductor would like you to do.

When you start learning a new song, you should ask yourself:

  • What is the song saying?
  • What are the emotions and feelings in the song?
  • Think of a time when you would feel these emotions
  • How do you have to feel to sing these lyrics?

In this video, look at how the conductor talks to her choir without speaking. The choir know exactly how to sing the emotions of the song by carefully watching their conductor's hand gestures. Their facial expressions also help us understand the message.

In this video, our choir show us how they give feeling to the title of the song. ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is very special line and we can feel the emotions with them as they sing.

By gradually getting louder and then quieter through the phrase, the choir is communicating the feelings the conductor has asked them through her gestures and direction.

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Communication and Expression