Animals that live on cold mountains

The cold, hostile environment in mountains and the animals living there.

Food chains

All living organisms need food to survive.

Food chains on a farm

A look at a food chain on a farm that is based on a wheat crop.

Habitats - where do different owls live?

A look at different types of owls and their environment adaptations.

Habitats (clip compilation)

A compilation of images based on the theme of habitats.

Looking at creatures found in a pond

A pond dipping session to learn about herbivores, carnivores and predators.

Water vole habitats

How and why water voles are disappearing because of damage to their habitats.

What do urban birds eat?

A look at the different foods eaten by urban birds.

What do you find in a rockpool?

How creatures living in a coastal rockpool must adapt to water heated by sunlight.

What is a food chain?

An animation that explores food chains on land and under the sea.

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