Cancer in the developed world

A general introduction to the causes and mechanism of cancer, including skin cancer.

Changes in global population since 1800

A description of the relative rates of urbanisation in rich and poor countries.

Crowded cities - Rio de Janeiro

A favela community leader reflects on the problems of continued migration to Rio.

Factors which disrupt development

The physical and human factors affecting a country's development and quality of life.

Life in the Favela of Rochina

Members of a typical Rocinha family describe their work and their thoughts on favela life.

Malnutrition and kwashiorkor

The problem of malnutrition and kwashiorkor in the developing world.

Preventative measures for the avoidance of malaria.

The strategies used to manage and improve disease control.

The contrasts of rich and poor in the city of Rio

A look at Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, and the contrasts there.

The effects of climate on development and health

Extreme weather conditions affecting level and pace of development.

The malaria cycle

The process and impact of the spread of malaria are described.