How cornflakes are produced

Jimmy Doherty reveals the secrets behind supermarket food and makes his own cornflakes.

How is cola produced?

Jimmy Doherty reveals the secrets of cola in his food factory.

How is ice-cream kept soft in freezing conditions?

Jimmy Doherty visits an ice cream factory to discover how ice cream is kept soft.

How is sugar refined?

Jimmy Doherty discovers how sugar is refined.

How milk is homogenised and pasteurised

Jimmy Doherty homogenises and pasteurises milk in his food factory.

How salad leaves are prepared for supermarkets

Jimmy discovers how salad producers keep the bugs out of the bags.

How square ham is produced

Jimmy Doherty makes his own square ham in a food factory he has created in his barn.

Scientific approaches to cooking

Interviews with chefs involved in scientific innovation in the kitchen.