Compare and order angles

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Learn to compare angles and identify acute, obtuse and right angles.

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An angle measures the size of a turn.

A right angle is 90° or a quarter turn

An acute angle is less than or < 90°

An obtuse angle is greater than or > 90°

Can you identify which of these is the smallest and largest angle?

  • Angle a is the smallest angle and is less than a right angle.

  • Angle c is the smallest image but is in fact the largest turn. It is the obtuse angle, so it's greater than a right angle.

Can you identify which of the below angles are acute, right angle or obtuse?

  • Angle a is 70° so it is acute.
  • Angles b and c are both right angles.
  • Angles d and e are obtuse as they are 120° and 150°.
  • Angle f is acute as it is 25°, so less than 90°.


Activity 1

Practise comparing angles with this quiz.

Activity 2

These questions will help build your confidence in identifying and comparing angles.

Read each question carefully. How is the question asking you to sort the angles?


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