Describing myself

Do you know how to describe yourself in Irish? Learn some helpful words and phrases and test yourself on others you may already know!

Na bunrudaí

The basics

One of the most important things in a conversation with someone you don't know is knowing how to introduce yourself by name. Ainm is 'name' in Irish.

Cad é an t-ainm atá ort?

..... an t-ainm atá orm.

Is mise ......

Cad é an sloinne atá ort?

..... an sloinne atá orm.

What's your name?

..... is my name.

I'm .....

What's your surname?

..... is my surname.

You may have noticed the words orm and ort. They're called prepositional pronouns, and tell you where something is in relation to a person, place or thing.

Orm is "on me" and ort is "on you".

This guide only uses orm and ort, but there are other forms of ar and other prepositions, depending on who the subject is in the sentence.

Learn more about prepositional pronouns in this guide.

Cén aois thú?

Tá mé dhá/trí/ceithre/cúig bliana déag d'aois.

Tá cuma óg/shean orm do m'aois.

What age are you?

I'm twelve/thirteen/fourteen/fifteen years of age.

I appear young/old for my age.

Súile agus gruaig

Eyes and hair

Next, how to describe our eyes and hair. Look below at the questions and example answers and see if you can make your own answer.

Cén dath atá ar do shúile?

Tá mo shúile...

Cén dath atá ar do chuid gruaige?

Tá mo chuid gruaige...

What colour are your eyes?

My eyes are...

What colour is your hair?

My hair is...

Tá mo shúile gorm.

I have blue eyes.

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Tá mo chuid gruaige dubh.

My hair is black.

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Tá mo chuid gruaige díreach.

My hair is straight.

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If you want to change the above answers into a negative, just replace with níl.

So, tá mo shúile gorm (my eyes are blue) becomes níl mo shúile gorm (my eyes aren't blue).

If you want to ask someone if their eyes are blue, all you need to do is replace with an bhfuil. The mo which means my should then be changed to do which means your.

So, tá mo shúile gorm (my eyes are blue) becomes an bhfuil do shúile gorm? (are your eyes blue?)

Tréithe fisicúla

Physical traits

Now let's talk a little bit about our physical traits. Are we tall, short, fat or thin? Look at the questions and example answers below to help you construct your own answer.

Sílim go bhfuil mé láidir - I think I am strong

Déan cur síos ort féin (go fisiciúil).

Tá mé...

Níl mé...

Tá mé ard.

Níl mé beag.

Sílim go bhfuil mé...

Sílim nach bhfuil mé...

Deireann mo mhamaí/dhaidí/chara go bhfuil mé...

Describe yourself (physically).

I am...

I am not...

I am tall.

I am not small.

I think that I am...

I think that I am not...

My mum/dad/friend says that I am...


Tréithe pearsanta

Personality traits

Finally, let's talk a little bit about our personality. Are we quiet, loud, clever or kind?

We can use the same construct above to talk about what sort of person we are (tá mé).

Thig liom a bheith falsa ó am go ham - I can be lazy from time to time

Cén sórt duine thú?

Déan cur síos ort féin (maidir le tréithe pearsantachta).

Maidir le tréithe pearsantachta...

Tá mé...

Níl mé...

Sílim go bhfuil mé...

Sílim nach bhfuil mé...

Thig liom a bheith...

What type of person are you?

Describe yourself (regarding personality traits).

Regarding personality traits...

I am...

I am not...

I think I am...

I think I am not...

I can be...

faiteachshy / timid
ceanndánaheadstrong / stubborn