Building sculptures out of snow and ice

Competitive snow-sculpting in Sweden, and construction of an ice hotel.

Choosing the right material to make shoes - animation

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother chooses the right material for making shoes.

Choosing the right material to make shoes - animation (signed)

A look at tests the Fairy Godmother carried out on the materials for Cinderella's shoes.

Dry suits, wet suits and insulation

A caver explains how dry suits and wet suits use types of insulation to keep him warm.

How do you test the properties of materials?

Children test conductors and the absorbency of materials.

Materials and their uses (clip compilation)

Metals, wood and plastic are shown in different forms and uses for each are highlighted.

Measuring temperature - freezing point

A presenter at the British Antarctic Survey discusses temperature and freezing point.

Preventing household fires - flame retardants

Four fabrics get safety tests for fire and smoke resistance. Results are then compared.

Production and use of plastics

An explanation of how plastics are made from natural materials such as wood, coal and oil.

Solids, liquids and gases (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips based on the three states of matter.

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