A culinary tour of France

Barnaby Bear explores the culinary delights France has to offer.

A ramble in the countryside

Barnaby Bear and Becky go on a ramble in the countryside; what will they find?

A visit to a working farm

Barnaby and Becky stay on a farm and learn how farmyards can be dangerous places.

A visit to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Barnaby Bear is standing on the top of Arthur's Seat, the highest hill in Edinburgh.

A visit to Chester

Barnaby Bear visits the Roman city of Chester.

A visit to Dublin, Ireland

Barnaby Bear explores the city of Dublin in Ireland.

A visit to Edinburgh Castle

Barnaby Bear visits Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, learning about its history and defences.

A visit to Hurley Lock on the River Thames

Barnaby Bear learns about Hurley Lock on the River Thames.

A visit to Mexico City (pt 1/3)

Barnaby Bear arrives in Mexico City having flown from Manchester.

A visit to Mexico City (pt 2/3)

Barnaby Bear goes to a school in Mexico City with his pen pal Juan Pablo.