An introduction to GIS

The use of computers and GIS mean crime is now much easier to analyse and solve.

Brussels Airport - intercepting counterfeit goods

An introduction to Brussels airport in Belgium - the entry point to the European Union.

CCTV cameras in the Meadowell Estate

How CCTV cameras can be effective in the fight against crime.

Counterfeiting and piracy

A look at the role of Trading Standards in tackling counterfeit goods.

Crime & public perception

An explanation that fear of crime is made worse by over-zealous media reporting.

Crime in Broadway Shopping Centre, Bexleyheath

A look at the main types of crime associated with shopping centres.

Crowded cities - Rio de Janeiro

A favela community leader reflects on the problems of continued migration to Rio.

Designing crime prevention

Property developers need to consider designing out crime from new developments.

Designing out crime

How crime can be designed out of residential areas.

Environmental design

The influence of the environment on criminal behaviour.

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