A balanced diet

An explanation of balanced diet and amounts of the food groups that make it up.

Dominant and recessive inheritance of genes

How Mendel's work with pea plants demonstrated dominant and recessive inheritance.

Gaseous exchange in the lungs and the importance of alveoli

Gaseous exchange in the lungs and the important role played by the alveoli is explained.


Genetic information in an organism's DNA controls its phenotype.

Hormonal systems

Endocrine glands produce hormones that regulate conditions in the body.

Hormones and puberty

Robert Winston explains the dramatic changes that take place in our body during puberty.

How do we breathe?

An animation and explanation of the mechanism of breathing.

How the brain's pituitary gland controls water concentration of blood

A description of how parts of the brain control water concentration of the blood.

Identical twins and cloning

The story of twins separated at birth is used to explain clones and cloning.

Nervous system

The nervous system controls how the human body responds to sensory information.

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