A Viking grave

An archaeologist explains why the discovery of a Viking grave is important.

Evidence of Vikings at Maeshowe burial chamber

Runes and drawings left at Maeshowe, Orkney, Scotland, provide evidence of Viking life.

The arrival of the Vikings in Scotland

The Vikings arrived in Scotland, forcing the Scotti back from Dalriada into Pictland.

The Brough of Birsay Viking settlement

Why was the Brough of Birsay in Scotland chosen as a settlement by the Norse?

The importance of Lindisfarne for the Vikings

What made Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, such an important place?

The Norse settlement of Jarlshof

What has the settlement of Jarlshof taught archaeologists about the Norse way of life?

The Vikings in Dublin

A model of what Dublin would have been like in Viking times.

Viking archaeological remains

A visit to the Museum of Scotland to find out what an archaeologist's work involves.

Viking clothing

A description of the type of clothes that the Vikings wore.

Viking food

Learn about the sort of food that the Vikings ate and how it was prepared and cooked.

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