What was life like in a Viking village?

Vikings were very handy around the house, making their own thread, bread, and games too.

Why did Vikings raid?

Find out why raiding was an important part of Viking life

Why were Vikings such fierce warriors?

The Vikings were ferocious fighters who used weapons and tactics to their advantage.

How did Vikings make rules and decisions?

When the Vikings arrived in Scotland, they brought with them their own rules and laws. Learn all about the Viking Thing!

What did Vikings believe in?

The Vikings believed in burying people with items that would be useful in the afterlife.

Why did Vikings write and tell stories?

The Vikings remembered their history through the epic tales of poets called Skalds

Where did Vikings travel to?

The Vikings were brave sailors who travelled to places no other person had been to before.

What did Vikings trade?

The Vikings traded items from the world over using linen and silver to barter.

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