My daily routine

Do you know how to talk about your daily routine in Irish? Learn some helpful words and phrases and test yourself on others you may already know!

This guide is all about using the present tense.

You use the present tense when talking about what you're doing right now, or regularly - for example, when talking about what you're doing this instant, or explaining what your daily routine involves.

Learn more about using the present tense in this guide.

Ar maidin

Músclaím go luath - I wake up early
múscailverb wake up
éirighverb get up
cuir éadaí arverb put on clothes
glacverb take
nighverb wash
scuabverb brush
téighverb go
ithverb eat
ólverb drink

Músclaím go luath ar maidin ar a sé a chlog.

I wake up early in the morning at six o'clock.

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Ag mo scoil

Éistim le dlúthdioscanna i rang Spáinnise - I listen to CDs in Spanish class
faighverb get, find
sroichverb arrive, reach
tosaighverb start
abairverb say
éist leverb listen to
amharc arverb watch
foghlaimverb learn
imirverb play (sports, games)
seinnverb play (an instrument)
labhair leverb talk with, talk to
scríobhverb write
fágverb leave

Faighim an bus ar maidin ar leath i ndiaidh a hocht.

I get the bus in the morning at half past eight.

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An tráthnóna

Imrím cluichí riomhaire le mo chairde - I play computer games with my friends
ceannaighverb buy
cuir scairt arverb call
buail leverb meet
rithverb run
glanverb clean
oscailverb open
íoslódáilverb download
uaslódáilverb upload
cuir / seolverb send
déanverb do, make
críochnaighverb finish

Ceannaím barra seacláide.

I buy a chocolate bar.

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