My weekend

Do you know how to talk about what you did at the weekend in Irish? Learn some helpful words and phrases and test yourself on others you may already know!

This guide, is all about using the past tense. We use the past tense when we talk about what happened in the past - for example, when we're talking about what happened yesterday, last week, last month or last year.

Learn more about using the past tense in this guide.

Cad é a rinne tú an deireadh seachtaine seo caite?

What did you do last weekend?

Look at the slideshow below of some examples of answers you could give to this question.

Chuaigh mé go ceolchoirm le mo chairde ar an Satharn.

I went to a concert with my friends on Saturday.

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An aimsir chaite

The past tense

To put a regular verb into the past tense, follow these three rules.

  1. When the verb begins with a consonant, aspirate / add a séimhiú (h) to the verb.
  2. When the verb begins with a vowel, put a d' before the verb.
  3. When the verb begins with an f, put a d’ before the verb and aspirate / add a séimhiú (h) to the verb.
tabhair cuairt arthe verb visit
tabhair aghaidh arthe verb head for/towards
freastail arthe verb attend
buail lethe verb meet with
ceannaighthe verb buy
lig / déan mo scíththe verb relax
bain sult as / taitin lethe verb enjoy
caiththe verb spend
léighthe verb read
imirthe verb play (a sport, a game)
íoc asthe verb continue, pay for
seinnthe verb play (a musical instrument)
glac páirt ithe verb take part in
socraighthe verb arrange, decide
tarthe verb come
téighthe verb go

Stór focal




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ar maidinin the morning
san iarnóinin the afternoon
sa tráthnónain the evening
san oíchein the west
aréirlast night
arú innéon the right
seo caite / seo a chuaigh thartlast / past