'Old Tongue' by Jackie Kay

Jackie Kay reads 'Old Tongue' and reflects that many Scots miss their native words.

Constructing sentences

Close textual analysis reveals how sentences can be consciously constructed for effect.

Creating parody

How humorous intent can be created through parody in writing.

Denis Lawson spells out his favourite Scots words

Dennis Lawson spells out his favourite Scots word on a Scrabble board.

Exploration of language at word and sentence level

Trevor McDonald explains why an extract from 'Out of India' has an impact on him.


An exploration of how punctuation is essential for the reader, speaker and listener.

Rab Wilson promotes the tradition of Scots language

How Rab Wilson writes, speaks and makes his living from the Scots language.

Retaining Scots words in our everyday lives

Poet Mark Thomson comments on the words and sounds of Scots language.

Sanjeev Kohli highlights disgusting Scots words

Sanjeev Kohli looks at Scots words which make us feel uncomfortable.

Scots words for weather

Presenter and singer Michelle McManus describes the weather in Scots.

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