Alan’s experience of drinking alcohol

Alan tells how an evening of drinking alcohol at 14 led to events that changed his life.

Anna’s experience of drinking alcohol

Anna tells how an evening of drinking alcohol at 17 led to events that changed her life.

Cannabis - abusers

Ex-cannabis users talking openly about using the drug.

Cannabis - anti-legalisation

Three experts offer arguments against the legalisation of cannabis.

Cannabis - pro-legalisation

A range of arguments in favour of legalising cannabis.

Cannabis - users

A medicinal and recreational marijuana user talk about their experiences of the drug.

Drama about heroin addiction (pt 1/6)

Kevin describes how heroin took over his life and how he refused to get help.

Drama about heroin addiction (pt 2/6)

Kevin talks about how his heroin addiction began with recreational drug use.

Drama about heroin addiction (pt 3/6)

Kevin and his girlfriend describe how heroin came between them.

Drama about heroin addiction (pt 4/6)

Kevin and Julie talk about how their addictions escalated and led them into crime.