Diction and pronunciation in drama

Actor Adrian Lester demonstrates diction and pronunciation to a group of students.

Drama - creating status

Actor Adrian Lester demonstrates how to deliver a line via a 'status scale'.

Stage fighting - an introduction

A fight director discusses and demonstrates how to fight safely and effectively.

Stage fighting - combining moves

Adrian Lester watches students practising fight techniques for drama.

Stage fighting - how to punch and slap

Actor Adrian Lester explains how to throw a realistic, but safe punch in drama.

Stage fighting - how to take a stand

Fight techniques are explored as actor Adrian Lester works with a group of students.

Stage fighting - pulling hair and ears

Adrian Lester demonstrating how actors grab each other by the hair and ear.

Voice projection and pronunciation in drama

Voice projection in a theatre is demonstrated by actor Adrian Lester.

Voice warm-ups for drama

Voice warm-up techniques for drama are demonstrated and practised.

What is iambic pentameter?

Iambic pentameter is briefly discussed and a definition is provided.