Key battles of the Wars of Independence

Scottish and English armies fought many times during the Wars of Independence.

Let's take a look at some of the most important battles, from the Battle of Dunbar in 1296 right up to Robert the Bruce's final victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Find out about them below.

The Battle of Dunbar, 1296

King Edward I of England was at war with France. He was furious when John Balliol, King of Scotland made peace with the French.

The English king invaded Scotland to make King John pay for standing up to him. Their armies first met at Dunbar.

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The Battle of Dunbar

The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297

Clever tactics helped a small Scottish army led by William Wallace and Andrew Murray to defeat a much larger English army in Stirling.

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The Battle of Stirling Bridge

The Battle of Falkirk, 1298

After his victory at Stirling Bridge, William Wallace again had to fight a large English army. This time it was led by King Edward I himself, and Edward wanted revenge!

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The Battle of Falkirk

The Battle of Loudoun Hill, 1307

Robert the Bruce's Scottish army had been beaten by the English at the Battle of Methven in 1306. One year later, his forces faced the same English general at Loudoun. This time, Bruce would be victorious.

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The Battle of Loudoun Hill

The Battle of Bannockburn, 1314

King Robert the Bruce's long campaign to free Scotland from English control finally came down to one big battle at Stirling - the Battle of Bannockburn!

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The Battle of Bannockburn
Key people from the Wars of Independence