Margaret, Maid of Norway

Margaret, Maid of Norway was chosen to be Queen of Scotland when she was only three years old. Her unfortunate death left Scotland without a King or Queen.

Find out about Margaret, Maid of Norway and her role in the Wars of Independence.

Who was Margaret?

Margaret was the granddaughter of King Alexander III, the King of Scots.

Her mother was Alexander's daughter and her father was King of Norway.

Alexander's three children all died before him, so Margaret became his heir - the next in line for the Scottish throne.

In 1286, Alexander III died after he fell from his horse during a storm. Margaret was now Queen of Scotland aged only three!

Margaret facts

  • Margaret was born in Norway in 1283
  • She was the daughter of King Erik II of Norway and Margaret of Scotland
  • Her grandfather was King Alexander III of Scotland
  • It was arranged that Margaret would marry Prince Edward of Caernarvon, son of King Edward I of England
  • The marriage was meant to join Scotland and England together
  • She died in Orkney in 1290
  • She was buried in Bergen, Norway

How did Margaret die?

Margaret's father, King Eric II of Norway and the Scottish lords agreed with the King of England, Edward I, that Margaret should marry Edward's son.

In 1290 Edward I arranged a ship to bring Margaret from Norway to Scotland. She was to be crowned Queen of Scotland before travelling to England to marry his son.

On the way Margaret became very ill. The ship stopped in Orkney and while there Margaret died. She was seven years old.

It is though that she died of seasickness.

Scotland now had a big problem. It no longer had a queen or king to rule it.

St Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay, Orkney. This is where Margaret died in 1290.

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Margaret, Maid of Norway

Margaret, Maid of Norway