Air pressure and space

Spacesuit construction and air pressure are examined experimentally.

Ballistic re-entry

Tim Peake discusses a particular type of emergency that may occur during his mission.

Effects of Earth's changing orbit

How changes in Earth's orbit can contribute to fluctuations in temperature and climate.

Exercising in space

Exercising is important whilst living in space to maintain good health.

Hybrid air-breathing jet engines for space travel

The development of a hybrid jet/ rocket engine for a reusable space craft.

International Space Station engineering

Tim Kopra describes the importance of engineering in the International Space Station.

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Newton's Three Laws of Motion demonstrated using a rocket-powered sledge on an ice rink.

Preparation for launch

Tim Peake and colleagues prepare for their launch into space.

Recreating a comet

Tim Peake introduces comets to students.

Science and engineering in space projects

The work of a structural engineer on satellite projects and the Mars rover.

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