A bed and breakfast in the south of France

An interview with a chambre d'hôte owner about the way she communicates with her guests.

Asking questions or how the French get inquisitive

Tips for formulating questions in French

Avoir and être or two key verbs and how to use them

How the verbs, avoir and être, can be used in different contexts, in the present tense.

Direct object pronouns or how to say less in French

How to avoid the repetition of nouns in answers to questions that involve a direct object.

Downloading a virus to the super computer

Maxime has a mission to sabotage Némésis’ super-computer with a virus.

Imperfect Tense or that incomplete, habitual or descriptive past tense

How to know when to use the Imperfect tense and how to form it

Is fashion important?

Docteur Némésis is interviewed by a French spy about his views on the fashion.

Possessive adjectives or establishing a sense of belonging

How possessive adjectives agree in gender and number with the item that is they refer to.

Shopping at the market and the supermarket

Jourde family shop at a local market in Lyon and Hakim M'Barek shops at the supermarket.

The Imperative or how to get a little bossy in French

How to deliver a command in French or suggest doing something with someone