'Old Tongue' by Jackie Kay

Jackie Kay reads 'Old Tongue' and reflects that many Scots miss their native words.

Beach products pitch

‘The Apprentice’ candidates pitch their ideas for a brand new beach accessory.

Churchill's wartime speeches

How Winston Churchill used different techniques effectively in his wartime speeches.

Colonel Tim Collins' 'Eve of War' address to his troops in Iraq

A look at Colonel Tim Collins' powerful "Eve of War" address to his troops in Iraq.

Denis Lawson spells out his favourite Scots words

Dennis Lawson spells out his favourite Scots word on a Scrabble board.

Dr George McGavin and the Scots word 'clarty'

George McGavin suggest the natural world helps us use Scots words to describe wonders.

Elaine C Smith and regional variations of the Scots language

Elaine C Smith comments on the variety of Scots dialects.

Gavin Hastings on the word 'stramash'

Gavin Hastings enthuses about the word 'stramash' and explains its meaning.

Getting your message across

The importance of structuring your argument when writing persuasive speeches.

Growing up with the Scots language

Comedian Sanjeev Kohli takes a humorous look at Scots insults.

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