A balanced diet

An explanation of balanced diet and amounts of the food groups that make it up.

Breathing and circulation

An explanation of the process of breathing and how blood is transported around the body.

Fats in our diet

A detailed description of fat in a human diet, including sources and its role.

Hearts and how to keep them healthy

An explanation of the purpose, function and structure of the human heart.

Hormones and puberty

Robert Winston explains the dramatic changes that take place in our body during puberty.

How do we breathe?

An animation and explanation of the mechanism of breathing.

How the brain's pituitary gland controls water concentration of the blood

A description of how parts of the brain control water concentration of the blood.

Nutrient groups and digestion

The way we digest food is defined and the seven main nutrient groups are described.


Presenter Robert Winston describes the process of ovulation in humans.

Relationship between photosynthesis and respiration

An explanation of the equation for photosynthesis and its relationship to respiration.

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