How does the temperature change as you climb a mountain?

How temperature and weather changes in the mountains, and how mountains alter over time.

How the Southern Uplands of Scotland were formed

An explanation of how the Southern Uplands of Scotland were formed.

Mountain Rescue in the Torridon mountains

A mountain rescue helicopter comes to the aid of tour guide Tess.

Natural landmarks in the Scottish Southern Uplands

A visit to Grey Mare's Tail waterfall and Devil's Beef Tub in the Southern Uplands.

Rivers and the water cycle

A short demonstration of the water cycle and the journey of a river.

Rocks (no narration)

A compilation of clips showing rocks in a variety of forms and locations.

St Abb’s Head nature reserve

St Abb's Head in the Scottish Borders is a nature reserve with varied wildlife.

The effect of the Gulf Stream on the climate of Scotland

The Gulf Stream gives southwestern Scotland a mild climate.

The effect of weather on rocks

How rocks on the Earth's surface can be worn away by the weather into interesting shapes.

The formation of caves

An introduction to the formation of caves including stalactites and stalagmites.

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