Qigong - the art of energy control

A brief introduction to qigong, the Daoist art of energy control.

Shopping and Chinese medicine

Shopping for paintings and Chinese medicine in Beijing.

Shopping in Chinese

How to haggle in Chinese and how cloisonné vases are made.

Sports and physical exercise

Chinese people practise all sorts of sports and physical exercise.

The Great Wall and how to get there by bus

The Great Wall is a staggering feat of engineering, but how do you get there by bus?

Visiting Chengde's Summer Palace and Buddhist temples

The city of Chengde's main attractions are the Summer Palace and many Buddhist temples.

Visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in central Beijing

Beijing is planned on a north-south grid, with Tiananmen Square at its very centre.

Working in a factory

An introduction to China’s clothing manufacturing industry.