Andy Goldsworthy - art in a natural environment

Artist Andy Goldsworthy talks about creating artwork in a natural landscape.

Banksy-style stencilling

Create a Banksy-style stencilled image with just a paper plate, scissors, paint and a brush.

Create a picture with chalk

An introduction to applying chalk and colour blending techniques to create a picture.

Drawing with an eraser

Draw an outer space picture in reverse by rubbing out a charcoal background.

Drawing with perspective

A simple introduction to adding depth to a drawing using very basic perspective techniques.

Flip-book animation

A basic introduction to flip-book animation using just a pen and pack of memo notes.

How to draw a character looking wet

A short art drawing tip for making a character look soaking wet.

Make a living portrait of yourself

How to make a living portrait, where the artist’s own face becomes part of the picture.

Making a glow-in-the-dark elephant

A giant luminous elephant shape is made using a pipe, fluorescent dye. and a black light

Mowing a design into long grass

A rocket shape is drawn on paper, sectioned with a grid and mown into a grass lawn.