How Roman cities were designed and built

How much evidence of the Romans can be found in the modern St Albans?

Life as a Roman soldier

What was life like for a Roman soldier?

Roman army

The armour, equipment, weapons and tactics employed by the Roman army.

The Battle of Mons Graupius

Romans won the battle against Caledonian tribes with better organisation and equipment.

What did the Romans eat?

The Romans in Scotland ate a healthy diet, mixing local produce with imported foods.

What did the Romans invent?

The Romans did not invent all the things we thought they did.

What did we do for the Romans?

Caledonian tribes worked for the Romans in return for their protection.

What was education like in Roman times?

Only boys from well off families were educated in Roman times.

What was everyday life as a Roman soldier like?

A Roman soldier could spend up to 25 years serving in the army.

Where did the Romans come from?

The Roman army was made up of soldiers from a number of places around the Roman Empire.