Recipe: How to make crêpes

What is a crêpe?

A crêpe is a thin pancake that can be eaten on its own, or with a sweet (listen sucré) or savoury (listen salé) filling.

In France, they’re served on 2 February at Candlemas (listen La Chandeleur), which is also called Pancake Day (listen Le Jour des Crêpes). They are sold in crêperies - takeaway restaurants or stalls - in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

How do you make crêpes?

You will need:

  • 140g plain flour (listen de la farine)
  • 2 eggs (listen des œufs)
  • 200ml whole milk (listen du lait)
  • a pinch of salt (listen du sel) for seasoning
  • 25g butter (listen du beurre)
  • toppings of choice - these could include:
    • cheese (listen du fromage)
    • mushrooms (listen des champignons)
    • ham (listen du jambon)
    • lemon juice (listen du jus de citron)
    • fruit (listen des fruits)

Important note

This recipe uses a hot frying pan so make sure you ask an adult to help you.


  1. Mix (listen mélange) the flour and salt in a bowl (listen un bol).

  2. Make (listen fais) a hole in the middle of this and break the two eggs into it.

  3. Add a quarter (listen un quart) of the milk and whisk (listen fouette) this together to make a thick batter (listen une pâte).

  4. Gradually pour (listen verse) in the rest of the milk until the batter becomes thin.

  5. Get an adult to melt (listen fondre) the butter in a pan (listen une poêle) and add this to your mixture.

  6. Get an adult to add some batter to the frying pan, tilt it to cover the surface, and cook (listen faire cuire) until it’s golden brown.

  7. Flip (listen retourne) the crêpe to cook the other side.

  8. For savoury crêpes, try ham, cheese or mushrooms and for sweet crêpes, try lemon juice and sugar or fruit.

Mix (mélange) the flour and salt in a bowl (un bol).

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Key French words

listen du beurresome butter
listen des champignonssome mushrooms
listen faireto make
listen de la farinesome flour
listen du fromagesome cheese
listen du jambonsome ham
listen du jus de citronsome lemon juice
listen du laitsome milk
listen des œufssome eggs
listen du selsome salt
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