Adjectives – or descriptive words around a noun

How adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun that they describe.

Asking questions or how the French get inquisitive

Tips for formulating questions in French

Avoir and être or two key verbs and how to use them

How the verbs, avoir and être, can be used in different contexts, in the present tense.

Nouns and Articles

The gender of nouns and their articles in French explained.

Possessive adjectives or establishing a sense of belonging

How possessive adjectives agree in gender and number with the item that is they refer to.

Reflexive verbs or verbs that do unto themselves

How to express actions that one does to oneself.

The Future Tense or what is yet to come

How to form the future tense of regular verbs and irregular verbs

The Negative form or never, not, nothing, nobody, only, no more words

Advice on how to turn a positive verb into a negative form.

The Perfect tense

How to deal with regular verbs in the Perfect tense

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