Community councils

Local Authorities use community councils to gauge public opinion on existing services.

How important is public opinion?

The influence of public opinion on shaping government legislation.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Free personal care

The implementation of free personal care for older people in Scotland.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Gypsy travellers

The response of the Scottish Parliament to the demands of a section of society.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Private Member’s Bill

The implementation of a successful Members' Bill is looked at through a case study.

Outsider pressure groups

The use of direct action by pro-hunting pressure groups.

The work of an MSP

Shona Robison, MSP, Dundee East, explains her work as an MSP.

What are pressure groups and how do they affect political decision making?

Pressure groups and how they aim to influence political decision making in the UK.

What are trade unions and how do they help people in the workplace?

A look at the role played by trade unions in representing workers with employers.

Youth participation in politics

Young people voice their opinions about youth engagement in politics in Wales.