History KS2 - Ancient Greeks: The Argo Odyssey

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KS2 history skills

Ancient Greece – Build and test primary history skills with different explorations.

Learn about:

  • The Olympic Games
  • Family life in ancient Greece
  • Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece
  • Mythology of ancient Greece
  • Warfare in ancient Greece
  • Culture in ancient Greece
  • The legacy and inventions of ancient Greece

Complete all games to unlock Mount Olympus

Argo is missing! Can you find him?

Join Cassandra and Helenus on an exciting adventure to find their beloved dog Argo.

The quest will take you through the sights and sounds of Ancient Greece. Help the children by playing games, watching fun animations and learning about the lives of the Ancient Greeks.

  • The Olympic Games - Take part in the Olympic pentathlon and save the sacred bronze discus from the master of thievery!
  • Family life - Discover the items people owned and the clothes they wore.
  • Gods and goddesses - Is Argo hiding in a temple? Make an offering to find out.
  • Myths - Escape from the terrifying Minotaur's maze and solve a fiendish puzzle to defeat the Medusa as these myths and legends come to life.
  • War and battles - Train with the Spartans and learn how to fight in the phalanx formation. The Greek army depends on you!
  • Culture - Put together a stylish pottery puzzle, then watch a drama performance. But who is the furry, four-legged actor in the mask?
  • Legacy and inventions - What are the Ancient Greeks known for? Match up the items and the mysterious Oracle will explain all...
  • Mount Olympus - The final challenge! Unlock this area by playing the other games and challenge yourself with a quiz on everything you've learned.

There's so much to play and experience in this KS2 history game about life in Ancient Greece.

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Ancient Greeks: The Argo Odyssey