Who was Charles Dickens?

This is Charles Dickens.

He was a famous English writer. People all over the world enjoy his stories.

Find out more about him, below.

Key facts

  • Charles Dickens was a famous English writer. He wrote many books, including Oliver Twist and Scrooge.
  • When Dickens was a child his family were very poor.
  • When he became famous, only rich people could afford to buy books. Dickens published his stories in sections in (cheaper) magazines so poorer people could read them.

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Did you know?

  • Charles Dickens had seven brothers and sisters.
  • He and his wife had ten children!
  • The Dickens family had a pet raven (a large black bird) called Grip. When Grip died, Dickens had it stuffed!
  • Dickens almost became an actor. He didn't get his first acting job because he had a bad cold.
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