How are castles used today?

Scotland’s castles have been standing for hundreds of years. They have survived wars, fires and lots of bad weather.

We don’t need castles to keep safe in anymore but they are used in other ways.

Find out how castles are used today.

What are castles used for today?

The Black Watch castle and museum

Tourist attractions and museums

Nowadays many castles are open to the public as tourist attractions and museums. Balhousie Castle in Perth is a museum which tells the story of the Black Watch Regiment from 1725.

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What do castles look like today?

St Andrews Castle

Many castles have been left in ruins

Not all castles survived war, attacks and years of bad weather. Castles like St Andrews Castle in Fife (above) have become ruins. We can still tell a lot about the original building from what has been left behind.

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