Where did castles come from?

Find out why castles were built in Scotland and what came before them.

What came before castles?

Discover what existed in Scotland before castles were ever built.

Who brought castles to Scotland?

Find out how King David I changed Scotland by inviting Norman knights to build motte-and-bailey castles.

Why did towns and burghs appear around castles?

Find out how soldiers attacked castles and how the people inside stayed safe.

Why were castles important during war?

Find out how castles have been used during war and battles throughout history.

How did people attack and defend castles?

Find out how people stayed safe inside a castle and how enemies attacked them.

What was life like in a castle under siege?

Find out what life would have been like in Stirling Castle under siege during the Wars of Independence.

What was life like in a castle?

Find out what life would have been life in a Scottish clan castle.

Food and drink in a castle

Find out what people ate in castles and how they kept food fresh.

Health and hygiene in a castle

Find out what health and hygiene was like in a Medieval castle.

Having fun in and around a castle

Find out what Medieval people did for fun from sports to music.

What came after castles?

Find out what happened to Scotland's castles and how they are used today.

How are palaces different from castles?

Find out what life was like for people living in a royal palace or great house.

Why did Queen Victoria buy a Scottish castle?

Find out about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's love for Scotland and Balmoral Castle.

How were castles used during World War Two?

Find out how Scottish castles were used during World War Two.

How are castles used today?

Find out about all the different ways Scotland's castles and palaces are used today.

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