'Anansi and Turtle' (animation)

Anansi tricks hungry Turtle and he ends up with nothing – so he plots his revenge.

'The Boy and the Drum' (animation)

An old man is trying to get to sleep but the boy next door won't stop playing his drum.

'The Sun and the Wind' (animation)

Who is stronger – the wind or the sun?

'The Town Rat and the Country Rat' (animation)

A rat named Jacques visits the love of his life Lucille.

Jackanory Junior - 'Crazy Camelot Capers'

Rhyming versions of Arthurian legends – 'The Sword in the Stone', and the 'Holy Grail'.

Jackanory Junior - 'Explorer Trauma'

The story of a boy's unusual childhood and his embarrassing parents.

Jackanory Junior - 'Fig's Giant'

An adapted version of 'Gulliver's Travels', by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Jackanory Junior - 'Rastamouse'

Two stories narrated in rhyme by Lenny Henry, featuring Rastamouse.

Jackanory Junior - 'Shampoozel'

Comic version of the Rapunzel fairy tale, featuring young Shampoozel.

Jackanory Junior - 'The Bun Gun'

An exciting pirate story, written by Jeremy Strong.

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