How to make a French sunflower

What are French sunflowers?

There is a region in the south (listen le sud) of France called Provence, which is famous for its fields of sunflowers (listen les tournesols) and lavender (listen la lavande). They've inspired famous artists (listen les artistes), such as Van Gogh, to paint fields of flowers (listen les fleurs).

How do you make a French sunflower?

You will need:

  • an A4 sheet of thin card (listen la carte)
  • a pair of safety scissors (listen des ciseaux)
  • glue (listen la colle)
  • coloured tissue paper:
    • yellow (listen jaune)
    • brown (listen marron)
    • green (listen vert)


  1. Print out (listen imprime) the template (listen le modèle) for the flower, leaf and petals, onto an A4 sheet of thin card.

  2. Carefully cut out (listen découpe) the template.

  3. Use the template to cut out petals (listen les pétales) from the yellow tissue paper and leaves (listen les feuilles) from the green tissue paper.

  4. First glue the leaves onto the card and then glue the petals on top of the leaves to make the flower.

  5. Scrunch up small pieces of brown tissue paper to make seeds (listen les graines) and glue them to the centre of the flower.

If you don't have a printer, why not try drawing your own French sunflower?

Print out (<mark>imprime</mark>) the template (<mark>le modèle</mark>) for the flower, leaf and petals, onto an A4 sheet of thin card.

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Click below to download the instructions and template

Make your own... French sunflower!

Key French words

listen les artistesthe artists
listen les feuillesthe leaves
listen les fleursthe flowers
listen les grainesthe seeds
listen jauneyellow
listen marronbrown
listen les pétalesthe petals
listen le sudthe south
listen les tournesolsthe sunflowers
listen vertgreen