How to make a French castle

What are French castles?

There is an area in France called the Loire Valley, which is famous for its castles (listen les châteaux). They were built along the banks of the Loire river. Many have beautiful gardens. One of them, Ussé Castle (listen le Château d'Ussé), inspired the French writer, Charles Perrault, to write the story Sleeping Beauty (listen la Belle au Bois Dormant).

How do you make a French castle?

You will need:

  • an A4 sheet of thin card (listen la carte)
  • a pair of safety scissors (listen des ciseaux)
  • coloured pens (listen des feutres) or pencils (listen des crayons de couleur)


  1. Print out (listen imprime) the template (listen le modèle) onto an A4 sheet of thin card.

  2. Colour in (listen colorie) the windows (listen les fenêtres) and doors (listen les portes) and add your own designs.

  3. Carefully cut out (listen découpe) the shape of the castle.

  4. Fold (listen plie) along the lines.

If you don't have a printer, why not try drawing your own French castle?

Print out (imprime) the template (le modèle) onto an A4 sheet of thin card.

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Click below to download the instructions and template

Make your own... French castle!

Key French words

listen la cartethe card
listen les châteauxthe castles
listen des ciseauxsome scissors
listen colorierto colour in
listen des crayons de couleursome coloured pencils
listen les fenêtresthe windows
listen des feutressome coloured pens
listen imprimerto print
listen le modèlethe template
listen les portesthe doors