Animating on a real life backdrop

A short animation is made using a submarine drawn on acetate and a real life backdrop.

Creating art in the dark with light

Demonstration of how to make a digital light picture of any subject in a darkened space.

How to create a pixel picture

How to make a pixel picture and display it on an LED skirt.

Making a 3D cell picture

How to make a 3D cell picture which can also be used for animation.

Making a tea and biscuit stunt animation

How to make a funny short animation of a stunt dive using tea and biscuits.

Making and animating grass heads

How to make and animate a tufty head garden character using old tights and grass seeds.

Stop-motion animation with a skateboard

Making a short stop-frame animation of simulated skateboarding using a camera and a friend.

What are repeated patterns?

Using a free piece of coding software to create an animating selfie repeat pattern.