An introduction to Mexico

An introduction to the geography of Mexico.

Bar charts - analysing weather data (signed)

A weather reporter shows how useful bar charts can be when describing the forecast.

Climate zones

How distinct climate zones can be identified in different parts of the world.

How does the temperature change as you climb a mountain?

How temperature and weather changes in the mountains, and how mountains alter over time.

Journey of the Nile (pt 1/3)

A description of the journey of one of the longest rivers in the world - the Nile.

Making weekly weather recordings

How to measure and record weather using a thermometer, an anemometer and a rain gauge.

Measuring temperature using a thermometer

A demonstration of how to measure the air temperature using a thermometer.

The arrival of spring across the UK (signed)

The Springwatch team look at data which shows the start of spring across the UK.

The effect of the Gulf Stream on the climate of Scotland

The Gulf Stream gives southwestern Scotland a mild climate.

The effect of weather on rocks

How rocks on the Earth's surface can be worn away by the weather into interesting shapes.

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