Algebra and function machines

Use algebra to work out numbers in an equation and see how function machines work.

What is place value?

Find out how to use place value to change numbers.

What are decimals?

Find out how to write decimals using tenths and hundredths.

What are negative numbers?

Find out how to count backwards from zero and order negative numbers.

What are factors?

Take a look at how to work out the factors of a number.

What are multiples?

Find out what multiples are and how to sort multiples of 2 and 5.

What are prime numbers?

Find out what a prime number is and put your knowledge to the test.

What are square and cube numbers?

Take a look at some square and cube numbers and learn the pattern that they follow.

What are fractions?

Find out how you can use fractions to split a whole number into halves or quarters.

What are unit and mixed fractions?

Find out the difference between unit, non-unit and mixed fractions.